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CIUSSS West-Central Montreal honoured for delivering value-based health care

Award bestowed by Canadian College of Health Leaders

The Canadian College of Health Leaders has awarded CIUSSS West-Central Montreal the  2024 Recognition in Delivering Value-based Healthcare for introducing a value-based model for colorectal cancer that has improved outcomes for patients by enhancing the delivery of care.

Faced with an escalating number of cases and limited resources, the CIUSSS has developed an innovative Integrated Practice Unit (IPU) that has involved patients, while implementing common indicators and streamlining processes. This has resulted in shared accountability to improve care.

Not only has this transformative model optimized resource allocation, it has set a benchmark for how value-driven health care is delivered in Canada."We are honored by this award, which recognizes our commitment to value-based health care,” says Karine Lepage, the CIUSSS’s Clinical-Administrative Coordinator in the Divisions of Oncology and Medicine. “Receiving this distinction is not only an honour, but validation for pursuing our vision of offering the best possible care to cancer patients.”

Through a collaboration with partners such as Coalition Priorité Cancer and the Rossy Cancer Network, a patient-centred approach was established to integrate clinical practitioners and patient representatives across the continuum of care. This effort also benefited from the support of Medtronic Canada.

“This distinction is a wonderful recognition of remarkable work,” adds Lucie Tremblay, the CIUSSS’s Associate CEO. “It was accomplished by a team that, along with our patient partners, is truly transforming the patient experience. Bravo for this exceptional achievement!”

The aim of the College’s Recognition in Delivering Value-based Healthcare is to increase the profile and understanding of value-based health care. It does so by honouring an organization or team that deliberately sets out to change the way care is delivered, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

This means patients are receiving optimal care at the right time, in the right setting and at the right cost, aligning perfectly with the Care Everywhere initiative of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

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