In 1957, the Beattie family donated the land on Cavendish Boulevard where Saint Andrew Residential Centre was to be built and where it can be found today. Funds to cover the cost of construction were raised by the Presbyterian Church.

The residence opened in 1961 and initially offered housing for 50 residents. Shortly thereafter, it became evident that there was an urgent need for a nursing facility as well. Once again, the Presbyterian community rallied together and raised the funds to build a nursing centre on the same property, which opened in 1971. Together, the two buildings accommodated 70 people.

In 1978, Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Inc. signed an 80/20 cost-sharing agreement with the Quebec government, in which eighty percent of expenses would be assumed by the government and 20 percent by Saint Andrew’s.

On April 1, 1982, following further discussions with the government, Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Inc., a public institution, was established by virtue of the Act respecting Health and Social Services.

The Saint Andrew Residential Centre continues to receive generous financial support from the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Homes Foundation. The Residential Centre is a member of the Integrated Health and Social Service University Network for West-Central Montreal.

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